Make A Statement With Locs Glasses and Wooden Pendants

Wooden PendantsIf you are looking for the right kind of sunglasses to beat out the sun and also make a statement about yourself then these are the right type of sunglasses. Locs glasses are available in a wide range of different styles with different types of logos on them so that you can get exactly what you want. From skulls and religious figures to Los Angeles logos there are a wide variety. These glasses come in black with the wording and logos colored in white for a great contrast. The sleek design of the glasses keeps you looking cool and it also means that they are comfortable to wear.

Wood pendants are one of the most popular accessory choices at the moment because they are inexpensive and they also look great. The wood that they use is a great dark, earthy brown that will work well with any outfit. These pendants also come in a wide variety so that you can get exactly what you want. Show off your beliefs or just choose the one that fits your style the best whether it be a boombox pendant or a religious one. The necklace is a 32 inch wooden bead necklace and the pendant is 3.5 inches tall making it easy to wear and to see. The detail on these accessories is amazing and it will be sure to catch some eyes anywhere you go with it.

Not only are these two items great on their own but combined they are even better. Express your style and find the right shades and the right pendant perfect for any situation. Not only this but they are great for both men and women as there are plenty of different styles to go around.

Sunglasses have been done again and again but the Locs sunglasses are great for expressing your style and your thoughts. Whether you want to express your love for your city or you just want some shades that will match the rest of your outfit these ones will do the trick. Wooden pendants also make a statement and they do this without you having to cough up a bunch of catch. Mix, match, and find the perfect style for you.

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